Stator for Lifan Zongshen Ducar kick start engines

Additional Information
  • Model: STAT125B
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs
  • Manufactured by: Lifan
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  • Bolt-on design
  • Oil seals come with the stator plate
  • OEM or higher specifications
  • Suitability: Most of 4 stroke kick star engines 50/70/110/125/140/150cc models
  • Lifan Ducar and Zongshen direct replacement
  • Genuine Lifan parts
  • 6 wires: yellow, white, green, red/black, white/blue, green/red


This a great quality stator that will bolt straight onto 125cc Lifan, Ducar and Zongshen engines. Quality coils will give the most power and accuracy.

This quality part should fit the majority kick start engines on the market, but please check your manual prior to ordering.

Q & A

  • Q: How do I know that the stator is faulty?
  • A: If the sensor is broken in half, you can tell straight away. But if it appears to be ok, then you will have to use multi-meter to test resist of the stator wires. These are indications of correct readings: blue/white & green {100Ω ~115Ω}. black/red & green {350Ω~410Ω}. When you have different reading out of the range it may indicate the stator is faulty. When you have reading of 1 or 0 from your multi-meter (the digital ones), that definitely means you have a faulty stator.
  • Q: How do I connect the stator to the bike? It seems there are more wires on the stator that you sell than what's on my bike?
  • A: It doesn't matter. You only have to connect three wires out of the 6 from stator. Green, black/red and blue/white. Color should match your wiring harness. Green wire is earth/negative. Black/red and blue/white are power to generate spark.
  • Q: What do I do with the other three wires?
  • A: Yellow and white wires are AC power wires, output AC voltage of around 40v. They will be connected to voltage regulator if your bike has lights or battery fitted. Through Voltage regulator, output powver will be regulated down to about 12.6v to 13v. This is just inidcation of voltage. Individual result may vary. The last wire green/red is nutrul gear indication. You do not have to connect it at all. If your bike does not have guage, you can cut it or pull it out of the stator plate.
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