Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains the list of most frequently asked questions. This list is constantly updated. Here's the list of most common questions we've heard so far:

  • I would like to become a dealer/distributor of Elstar Motorcycle and Quads what do I need to do?

    A: Please email Eric who is our business operation manager. Depending on the location we will have some one with you within 48 hours. Please email us at for our immediate attention.

  • What do I do if the purchased item breaks?

    A: Contact Elstar Motorcycle immediately. There are three ways you can get in touch with us: email, phone and direct mail. Details can be obtained in contact section.

  • What if I've tried to get in touch with Elstar Motorcycle rep and didn't get a reply?

    A: Please email us at this email gets checked up to the hour and we reply within 24hours. Or leave a short message with your name and phone number, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

  • What if the product I need is not available on the web site?

    A: Elstar Motorcycle and Quads is willing to help with any need of our clients. Please contact us by phone (+61) 2 9772 1555 or by email at and we will assist with your needs. We specialise in custom orders from 100 units to 1,000,000 and are happy to research markets to deliver the best quality goods at the most competitive price.

  • Are the products covered in transit?

    A: Freight insurance is offered to all products. If you choose to pay insurance, then products sent out by Elstar Motorcycle and Quads are fully covered from any damage that may occur during transit. If insurance is not paid, you have to deal with our freight company who is Toll express or Toll priority.

  • Is there a discount if more than one product is purchased?

    A: Please contact Elstar Motorcycle for any specific pricing. However, as a rule, if more than one product is purchased in one transaction, total cost will be discounted accordingly.

  • How long is the warranty on the products?

    A: Different products have different warranty periods. Most of our products have 3 months comprehensive parts warranty. Labor is not covered. Conditions to 3 month warranty is a) Bike or quad must be pre-delivered/assembled by license dealer or mechanic; b) 1st service must be conducted within 10 hours of running or 30 days of ownership. For self-assemble products, i.e pick up in boxes, there is only one month warranty. Parts may be required to be returned for inspection in some cases.

  • Can I purchase item as a gift for a friend or relative and organise its delivery?

    A: Elstar Motorcycle will be happy to assist with delivery of your 'gift' to a friend or a relative. Elstar Motorcycle can even arrange delivery of our items to overseas.

  • Warranty for my item has expired, can I still obtain parts and service?

    A: Elstar Motorcycle is happy to provide you with spare parts in stock and provide after-sale service irrespective of time frame.

  • Can I extend the warranty for my scooter?

    A: Warranty on the majority of our bikes and quads can be extended for up to 6 months (please call for price). However, some models do not have this option. If you are not sure, or it is not specified whether extended warranty option is available for the particular item you are interested in, please send us an email at or call us on (+61) 2 9772 1555 and we will be glad to provide you with this information.